New Frontiers


New Frontiers


New Frontiers is a gathering of passionate minds and visionary leaders who can create positive impact in their communities and around the world. The event is designed to facilitate deep connections and collective exploration of areas in which New Zealand can create significant global impact. This October, we will introduce the first EHF Fellows, local and international entrepreneurs and investors working to create global impact from New Zealand.

The October event is a 4-day residential experience hosted at a retreat centre in Waiuku, creating an atmosphere of trust, community, and openness. This setting allows for deep exposure to new ways of thinking, authentic relationships to be forged, and fuels creativity between a group of diverse people.

Participants come from varied backgrounds, and will include entrepreneurs and investors, technologists and inventors, artists, scientists and educators, farmers, senior government leaders, cultural leaders, philanthropists, and many more. We will host up to 150 participants, through a mix of invitations and an open application process. Each person who joins is a changemaker in their own way, and comes to receive and contribute.

New Frontiers is a co-created forum, where each person participates in shaping the experience.

It is a time for bold visioning and exploration of ideas for a brighter future. We invite each participant to listen, learn, absorb, integrate, exchange ideas, and actively share perspectives and passions.

There will be space for you to host sessions, workshops or conversations throughout the event, along with activities to allow meaningful connections, and mental and physical rejuvenation.

The co-created experience, the depth of exploration, diversity of perspectives, and the vulnerability and openness that New Frontiers fosters pushes all of us out of our comfort zones. That is part of what participants of past New Frontiers have found most rewarding from the experience.

This website features photography from the highly talented Zippy Lomax.

The Team

Yoseph Ayele

Matthew Monahan

Brian Monahan

Michelle Parker

Paula Neme

Alina Siegfried

Andre Bate

Tai Kenning

Michelle Foo

Anna Brow

Alex Novak


About EHF

Edmund Hillary Fellowship

The Edmund Hillary Fellowship (EHF) brings together humankind’s creative potential and entrepreneurial spirit in New Zealand, to build innovative ventures for global impact. Our mission is to incubate solutions to global problems from New Zealand and make a lasting positive impact on the world.

Up to 100 international and 20 New Zealand-based Fellows will be selected each year to join the three-year programme, and become part of a diverse community of exceptional entrepreneurs and investors supported by a global network of mentors, ambassadors, partners and supporters.

Fellows will have access to the Global Impact Visa, the world’s most entrepreneur-friendly work visa, and the only one oriented around impact. All Fellows receive access to partner networks and individualised support to succeed in their ventures. 

EHF has been developed in the spirit and memory of Sir Edmund Hillary. The Edmund Hillary Fellowship is wholly owned by the Hillary Institute of International Leadership.