An Intimate Gathering


New Frontiers is a mix of workshops, emergent conversations, keynote talks and fun activities, all within an intimate gathering aligned with our mission of supporting New Zealand as an “Incubation Nation”, from which to develop, grow and launch integrated solutions to global challenges.


Solving Global Problems

We will explore the complexities and interconnections between social and planetary challenges humanity faces today, can expand our imaginations of what is possible. The programme includes showcase presentations from EHF Fellows sharing their work on integrated and innovative solutions, as well as world-renowned speakers that can provide unique insights on how New Zealand can lead the world.

You’re not asking, how can I take the most? You’re asking, what is the best way that I can enrich, heal and regenerate the world around me?
— Charles Eisenstein, Author

Planetary Stewardship

Johan Rockström from the Stockholm Resilience Center will be leading conversations on the growing climate crisis we face and the bold actions we need to take to stay within the planetary boundaries. We will explore innovations in policy, entrepreneurship, investments, and culture to address the biggest global problems of our time.

Your creativity and your creative being is a child... it’s drawing on the walls before you learned that wasn’t the ‘right’ thing to do.
— David Block, The Human Experience

Co-created By You, The Participants

With your input, we will explore the edges of creativity for existing and new industries, through mutual learning and cross-pollination of diverse perspectives, covering topics such as agriculture, digital media, climate change, health, government, investment, and technology.

For me, the secret is to work from New Zealand, with the world.
— Sandra Chemin, EHF Ambassador

Relax, Unwind, Play

At New Frontiers, you will have many opportunities to relax, unwind, and enjoy time away from your day-to-day life to connect with yourself, and with old and new friends. Many participants have found this part of the programme rejuvenating, and shared their own talents with the group as well. If you’d like to run an active, wellness, or arts focused activity at New Frontiers, get in touch with us! Here are some examples from the past:


Traditional Māori culture & art, Massage & body work, Yoga, Music, Outdoor games, Spoken word performances, Storytelling, Sustainability education, Art, Laughter and Happiness!


Shared Meals

Throughout New Frontiers, our master chef and her talented team will be keeping you well fed with amazing cuisine! We will serve mostly a plant-based menu using locally-sourced fresh foods, from organic wholesale suppliers.