What to bring

New Frontiers will be full of action, both on and off the main event grounds. To make the most of your time in New Zealand, we recommend you pack the following stuff:

  • sunscreen (minimum 30 spf - the sun in New Zealand is much harsher than other areas of the globe)

  • hat with a brim

  • sun protective clothing - loose layers that cover

  • summer clothing

  • warm layers for the evenings

  • windbreaker

  • raincoat or shell

  • bathing suit

  • sandals or flip flops to walk around on uneven terrain

  • hiking boots

  • lip balm

  • bug repellant

  • bug bite soother

  • small day pack or backpack

  • camera

  • Any art/music/poetry you might like to share

  • A costume for our costume party :)