Join a convergence of changemakers

New Frontiers is an intimate gathering that brings 350+ world changing entrepreneurs and founders, investors, policy experts and government decision-makers together with business and industry leaders, artists, creators, and storytellers.

Expect inspiring, challenging new ideas, open discussions for active participation and plenty of time for building relationships to create action. Join a diverse group of leaders, get a sneak peek into new ideas changing the world, and be part of shaping the future!

New Frontiers is a wakeup call, a punch of inspiration, a must attend for whoever is interested in the convergence of technology, innovation, and humanity.
— David Benattar, Chief Sustainability Officer, The Warehouse Group

Immersive interactive learning

This will be 3 huge days of learning, activities, and interactive workshops that will challenge, inspire and create opportunities for you.

 Programme Highlights

New Frontiers is a full 3 days of immersive, participatory content. Each morning you'll be inspired by speakers from the EHF Fellow community, special presentations and keynotes from local experts. Afternoons will be open for you to pick your own path through special workshops and open participant led conversations. Meal times will be spacious, with plenty of time to connect and build relationships.



New technology, global resilience, climate

Where is decentralised web headed, and how can New Zealand benefit from it? What is our path towards decarbonising the economy and operate within planetary boundaries? What emerging technologies are influencing our economy?



Decentralisation, Web 3.0, investing


A special session for organisations and teams that want to put decentralised, participatory governance and control into real practice. Led by leaders from the Enspiral community.


A special fireside chat with Naval Ravikant and Matthew Monahan about where the decentralised web is going next and what the big opportunities are for New Zealand.


Join us for a special session led by Josh Hannah and David Yuan to better understand NZ's place in a growing, globalised investment market.



Funding, finance, social inclusion and movements

How do we fill the funding gap for high impact innovations in New Zealand? How is the global funding landscape changing? What systems need to shift to increase inclusive societies? How do we make economies work for all?



Capital partnerships, robots and the future of work


Debunking myths about robots and sharing the real socio-economic issues underpinning the future of work. EHF fellow Martin Kraft will be sharing insights from working at the edges of technology and education.



Food, primary industries, creativity and storytelling

What is New Zealand's path towards regenerative agriculture and land restoration? How are storytellers shifting collective consciousness? What is the future of the global food system, and what are the opportunities for New Zealand?



NZ's low carbon act, mindfulness at work, storytelling


Join a special workshop, led by Rod Oram to better understand the objectives and implications of the Zero Carbon Act. What are the big opportunities to consider? What are the pathways to action we need to take?


Join Digital Storytellers for a hands on workshop to unlock impactful stories for your project, cause or organisation. Walk away with an outline of a story to engage your audiences and amplify your impact.


A special session for Founders raising capital with leading VC Scott Nolan from Founders Fund. Q&A to de-mystify due diligence, impact investment, growth, exits and great capital partnerships.


Join a special workshop with executive mindfulness and agile coach Chris Gagne. Learn how to grow a culture of high performance and empathy in your organisation using a proven, secular approach.


Traverse the edges of possibility

Be inspired by people and concepts that are at the leading edge of what’s possible.


Your platform for action

Expect big picture conversations, inspiration, challenge, connection with collaborators, entrepreneurs, investors and plenty of fuel for action!


Teamwork & culture

New ways of thinking about governance, management, organisational culture and decision-making.

Storytelling & connection

Connecting with your audiences and building the messages that move them.

Community & society

Deepening empathy of the people and cultures your work influences, and how to make more positive impact.

Environmental stewardship

See your work can be a force for good in local, national and global environments.

Emerging technology

Understand the implications of new technology landscapes and how they are shifting what is possible.


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All tickets include full healthy, delicious lunch, dinner, morning and afternoon tea, the opportunity to host conversations during open space sessions, plus well-being space and health workshops.


Need a scholarship to participate in New Frontiers?

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Be in good company

New Frontiers is made possible by a wide community of EHF Catalysts supporting exceptional innovators in New Zealand.


Deep gratitude to our event collaborators.