Welcome, changemakers from around the world!

We are gathering in Aotearoa New Zealand to envision new possibilities for collective wellbeing, connect with passionate minds from different walks of life, and co-create in service to a better world. We welcome the next cohort of Fellows into the Edmund Hillary Fellowship, and reunite all Fellows from 20 countries who are catalysing global change from New Zealand. 

The theme for this New Frontiers summit is “Economic Transformation”. We’ll be exploring bold ideas for a new kind of economy — including blockchain opportunities for New Zealand, Māori economic development in partnership with Iwi, the future of work, innovations for planetary stewardship, startup funding cycles, and the emergence of “Web3”. Learn more about the Programme.

Indigenous knowledge: there is at the heart of it, innovation, because we are a surviving people.
— Kaye-Maree Dunn, Māori Women’s Development Inc.

A Co-Created Event

New Frontiers is a 3-day event that brings together creative entrepreneurial leaders from New Zealand and around the world, to share, explore and co-create integrated solutions to the world’s most pressing problems. Each participant bring their passions, skills and expertise to help shape our experience together.


WhoYou, along with a convergence of passionate individuals and communities from across New Zealand and around the world.


What - A gathering of co-creation, joining hearts and minds in the exploration of new perspectives and models for our global collective well-being.


WhereWe'll be gathering in Aotearoa, in the edgy Trentham Racecourse Complex in Upper Hutt, 45 minutes north of Wellington City.  


Share, Connect & Explore

New Frontiers is an immersive experience for the mind, body and soul. We’ll be hosting a range of engaging activities, facilitated and emergent discussions, showcase of EHF Fellows’ work, speaker sessions, arts, open conversations and plenty of time for spontaneous connection, to provide an experience that leaves you inspired and ready for action.

  Engaging Sessions   World-class innovators will speak/lead discussions on climate, digital media, agritech, entrepreneurship and more.

Speaker Sessions

Hear from innovators and creative minds as they dive deep into new ideas, articulate problem areas, and inspire new possibilities.

  Outstanding Music    Listen, dance and immerse yourself in an eclectic musical experience from local and international musicians.

Fellow Stories

Hear from the EHF Fellows as they introduce themselves, their passions, and their vision for the global impact they wish to create.


Circle Discussions

Engage in group discussions on themes that emerge during the gathering, facilitated by participants and run as open space conversations.


  Incredible Art    Nourish your soul with the help of artists, filmmakers, poets and storytellers, and co-create new art around the valley.

Arts and Culture

Enjoy musicians, artists, filmmakers, poets and storytellers. Join in Māori custom, including pōwhiri, mihi, and Te Reo Māori. 

  Deep Connections   Forge new friendships, learn from diverse perspectives and connect with good, passionate people.

Connection and Wellness

Form friendships with passionate people with diverse views and life experiences. Breathe in the fresh air, do yoga, meditate or book a massage.

  Health-a-licious   FoodExperience the first-rate healthy cuisine lovingly prepared by a top-class chef, using local, organic produce.

Healthy and Delicious Food

Experience the first-rate healthy cuisine lovingly prepared by amazing chefs, using local, organic produce.

The idea of using New Zealand as an incubator for some of the bigger world problems–we’re fully on board.
— Lou Sanson, Director-General, Department of Conservation

EHF Catalysts  

EHF Catalysts are industry leaders who are leveraging their unique networks, knowledge, and resources to accelerate the impact of EHF Fellows. By catalysing the work of our Fellows, they are backing purpose driven entrepreneurs and investors to contribute towards a better world. We are excited to introduce you to these exceptional organisations who are playing important roles to realise EHF’s vision. Find out more about our Catalysts.