The Edmund Hillary Fellowship (EHF) brings together humankind’s creative potential and entrepreneurial spirit in Aotearoa New Zealand, to build innovative ventures for global impact.

Our mission is to incubate solutions to global problems from New Zealand and make a lasting positive impact on the world. A cohort of Fellows are selected every six months to join EHF and become part of a diverse community of changemakers. International Fellows receive exclusive access to the Global Impact Visa, the world’s most entrepreneur-friendly visa, and the only one to be focused on impact, with a path to Permanent Residence. EHF has been developed in the spirit and memory of Sir Edmund Hillary. The Edmund Hillary Fellowship is wholly owned by the Hillary Institute of International Leadership. Learn more at www.ehf.org.


EHF Fellows

EHF Fellows are leveraging the tools of entrepreneurship and business to create the next generation of high-impact ventures. We now have 108 Fellows from 25 countries and 28% of them are from New Zealand. Learn more at www.ehf.org/fellows

Surround your work and life with good people, as you will become the average of whom you surround yourself with.
— Jack Herrick, EHF Fellow, wikiHow

The Team


Yoseph Ayele

Matthew Monahan

Brian Monahan

Alina Siegfried

Andre Robertson-Bate

David Goldthorpe

Debbie Fish

Paula Neme

Michelle Foo

Tai Kenning

Frank Janssen

Catlin Powers

Bonnie Powers

Thomas Lake

Pekaira Jude

Huia Lambie

Ming Janssen

Sarrah Jayne

Horomona Horo

Matiu Te Huki