Apply to EHF

If you are ready to apply, carefully review the information below to learn about the application process. When you've learned about the application process, you can start the application.

What you need to know

The EHF application process is designed to get to know you as a global changemaker, learn about your work, and assess your potential to create positive impact as part of EHF. We accept applications from all over the world, including from New Zealand citizens and residents. Entrepreneurs, investors and changemakers at all stages of their careers working on positive global impact solutions are eligible to apply.

  • The EHF application form takes as little as 30 minutes to complete, with an optional 3-minute video submission (highly recommended). Your application can be saved at any time before submitting.
  • If your primary focus is to build a new venture or scale an existing venture in New Zealand, please apply as an entrepreneur or a team. Co-founders of a venture can apply together as a team. In this case please apply under one single application with a primary applicant, and list details for all other co-founders. We are open to all business models and organisational legal structures.
  • If your primary focus is investing in and supporting high-impact entrepreneurs and their ventures in New Zealand, please apply as an investor.
  • Successful international applicants are eligible for the Global Impact Visa to New Zealand, the first visa programme in the world to be focused on impact.

Selection process & timeline

Admission to Edmund Hillary Fellowship is through a competitive application process. There are several stages in the evaluation process, with a short-listing process at each step. The final decision on who is accepted into EHF is made by an independent selection panel. The selection process and timeline for Cohort 5 is as follows...

  • 1 February 2019: Closing date for scholarship applications. (Scholarships are available only to a limited number of international entrepreneur applicants.)
  • 10 February 2019: Closing date for early bird pricing discount.
  • 31 March 2019: Final closing date for Cohort 5 applications.
  • April to mid-June 2019: April to mid-June 2019: Cohort 5 selection period. The EHF selection team review applications, along with the help of subject matter experts. For those who are shortlisted, interviews and references also take place during this time. An independent selection panel makes the final decision about who is offered a place in the Fellowship.
  • Mid-June 2019: Selected candidates are offered a place in the Fellowship and international candidates are invited to apply for a Global Impact Visa from Immigration New Zealand.
  • November 2019: Welcome and induction week in New Zealand for Cohort 5 Fellows. Note that to participate in EHF, it is a requirement for all Cohort 5 Fellows to attend this induction. Fellows are not, however, required to move their ventures and/or families to New Zealand beforehand.