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New Frontiers is shaped by its participants, who bring a diverse array of interests, passions and talents with them. We have a small number of tickets available this year through an open invitation process. Tell us a little about yourself and why you would like to participate. 

SORRY, WE ARE FULL. Thanks for your interest. Submitting the form below will add you to our wait list and we'll keep you in the loop for future events.

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We’d love to get to know you a bit better! In 100 words or less, tell us a little about yourself, why you’d like to attend New Frontiers and what talents, skills or passions you would like to contribute to the event?
5. How much of New Frontiers would you plan to attend? *
Please let us know any specific requirements, such as dietary needs, mobility and allergies.
7. Would you require a ride to/from the airport or Wellington city? *
We will be providing a shuttle service for day visitors from Wellington
8. Would you require a scholarship? *
If your application is accepted, the ticket price for New Frontiers is $500/full event or $100/day for day visitors. We gratefully welcome your donations above and beyond this ticket cost, to help us sustain New Frontiers. We also have several scholarship options available for those with limited financial means. Please select from the list below if you require a scholarship:
9. If you're applying for a scholarship, how can you help out?
Please let us know the ways in which you can contribute to the New Frontiers gathering as part of your scholarship.
10. Permission to share your info? *
We would love to share details of who is coming in advance with other participants, and how to get in touch with people after the event. These details will only be provided to other confirmed participants. If your application is accepted, what can we share about you?
We would love to better understand our New Frontiers network - Please be as specific as possible. e.g. If a friend referred you, please let us know who.
Additional comments, questions, and requests.
16. Terms & Conditions *
We have a few minor terms & conditions regarding liability, and the use of video and photographic content captured at New Frontiers. Please check it out. We've done our best to keep it short and sweet.