Spotlight on EHF Fellows

The strength of the EHF community centres around the Fellows. We look forward to welcoming our Cohort 2 Fellows, as well as some of our Cohort 1 Fellows who will be returning to the summit. Hear from the 39 new Fellows who will introduce their work and their future plans for creating positive global impact. Here's a sneak peak of just some of our new Fellows:


EHF Fellow: Adrien Gheur of Maloekoe Ventures

Supporting visionary entrepreneurs to create long-term impact in emerging global markets. Adrien's Story

EHF Fellow: Michelle Sharp of Kilmarnock Enterprises

From high-flying corporate career woman, to facilitator of meaningful employment and skills for life. Michelle's Story


EHF Fellows: Bex De Prospo & Peter Randrup of Anteater

Establishing insects as an environmentally sustainable protein alternative in NZ and worldwide. The Anteater Story


EHF Fellow: Geoff Sharples of Clean P2P

Enabling models for equitable clean energy access in New Zealand to scale globally. Geoff's Story


EHF Fellow: Cheryl Reynolds of 3Cs

Building on the success of 11 ventures to create change through strategic philanthropy and social enterprise. Cheryl's Story


EHF Fellow: Sacha MacDonald of Rezource

Matching skilled employees with opportunities in a rapidly changing global labour market. Sacha's Story



EHF Fellow: Sarah Grant of Limited Resource Teacher Training

Creating a global teacher movement for education equality. Sarah's Story

EHF Fellow: Brent Bushnell of Two Bit Circus

Using immersive entertainment to inspire the next generation of inventors. Brent's Story

EHF Fellow: Jack Herrick of wikiHow

In pursuit of a free practical education for every person on the planet.


EHF Fellow: Félix Pharand-Deschênes of Globaïa

Creating multimedia stories to transform our relationship with Earth. Félix's story


EHF Fellow: Dina Buchbinder Auron of Education for Sharing

Using the power of play to form more engaged global citizens. Dina's story


EHF Fellow: Camden Howitt of Sustainable Coastlines

Developing data-driven solutions and grassroots community action to clean up the world’s oceans. Camden's story.


EHF Fellow: Yu Liu (Eric)

Facilitating purpose-led business between different economies and cultures. Eric's story


EHF Fellow: Vicky Robertson of Ministry for the Environment

Leading change in New Zealand’s public sector to safeguard our natural environment. Vicky's story


EHF Fellow: Spencer Horne of Cloudline

Reshaping logistics to reach the bottom billion. Spencer's story


EHF Fellow: Chris Wake

Unlocking the power of data to make global impact. Chris's story


EHF Fellow: Tracy Chou of Project Include

Setting the standard for diversity and inclusion in the tech industry. Tracy's story


EHF Fellow: James Mansell of Data Commons

Orchestrating the re-imagination of the state sector. James's story

Additional Fellows are being announced each week on our Blog.