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Pay What You Can 

We understand that traveling to New Zealand is a significant commitment. Since New Frontiers attendees bring a wide range of available resources and gifts, we’re seeking to create an event pricing model that is inclusive, transparent, and sustainable.

Towards that end, we are inviting donations to help with the cost of the event. Read more below on how we are embracing alternative economies and reducing costs as part of our overall design.

Note that you got this invite because you’re someone we’d love to see at New Frontiers. If contributing financially makes your experience any less enjoyable or causes you hardship, we wouldn't have it! Please do whatever feels most comfortable, even if that’s $0. 

Here is a breakdown of our costs for the event:

  • Food: NZD $65 / day
  • Accommodations: NZD $83 / night*
  • Activities, programming and entertainment: NZD $50 / day

International Guests - Total for the full event (12-29 Feb): USD $2,250 / person or USD $3,600 / couple

International Guests - Total for speaker week only (19-26 Feb): USD $1,000 / person or USD $1,600 / couple

Domestic Guests - Daily Attendance Cost (any day): USD $65 / person (NZD $100)*

*Please note that we have very limited space for accommodation in the valley, mostly reserved for our overseas participants. For domestic guests, we will be offering a daily shuttle service to bring people in from Wellington city. We also have plenty of extra camping space, so if you would like to stay in the valley, you're most welcome to pitch a tent. Please let Charlotte know if you're planning on tenting, by emailing


If you have the ability, we invite you to cover your costs, or whatever portion feels comfortable. If you are feeling generous and can contribute even more, we’ll gratefully receive those funds and channel them into travel subsidies, scholarships for other attendees, and ensuring that New Frontiers continues into the future.

Thank you for your contribution!

For our Kiwi guests, you can also make an online bank transfer to Kiwi Connect Limited, account number: 02-1269-0025838-00. Please write "NF2016" in the Reference field and state your first initial and last name in the Particulars field e.g. "J. Bloggs"

Alternative Economies

Moving towards the new frontiers of a more beautiful world includes a re-wiring of our dominant economic system, which often divides us and creates huge inequities.

If contributing financially doesn’t make sense at this time (or even if it does), we invite you to embrace the collaborative economy and join our team, lending a hand in making the event run smoothly. You can choose which tasks you'd like to help with in the RSVP form. 

Here’s how we’re seeking to put money back into its appropriate place and build bridges into new paradigms:

  • Fixed costs

  • Minimal commoditisation

  • Embracing the spirit of gift

  • Using recycled and reusable materials 

  • Using permaculture principles to adapt to existing circumstances

  • Recognising that value comes in many forms

  • Building trust and community

The absence of familiar cost structures and conventions can be scary, but we invite you into these new frontiers of money. Together we can share in the intrinsic value that each of us brings in our gifts and talents.