About EHF

Edmund Hillary Fellowship (EHF) is a global community of high-impact entrepreneurs, investors and changemakers, collaboratively building new paradigm solutions to global challenges from Aotearoa New Zealand.

Fellows are accepted into the programme through a competitive application process, gaining access to a global network of diverse expert perspectives, exceptional talent and investors, mentorship opportunities, cross-sector collaboration opportunities, co-created events and retreats, and a peer-support network of action-oriented people influencing the course of humanity. The programme is open to both Kiwi and international candidates, with international Fellows receiving exclusive access to New Zealand’s new Global Impact Visa (GIVs), a three-year open work visa with a path to permanent residency. Apply for EHF here.

Participation in EHF involves leading or contributing towards the development of solutions to global problems from Aotearoa New Zealand, while actively engaging with members of the EHF community, the New Zealand innovation ecosystem, and our wider global networks.

For entrepreneurs, this means working towards models of business that disrupt the status quo, embrace new paradigm thinking, engage in cross-sector collaboration, striving towards transformative, scalable global impact. For investors, being a Fellow entails supporting high-impact entrepreneurs and ventures based in New Zealand - whether those inside EHF or in the wider community - through direct investment, mentorship, and access to global networks.

Although we are not prescriptive about exactly how Fellows should engage with the New Zealand startup ecosystem, we expect that Fellows will actively offer their advice, expertise, investment, and global networks, sharing learnings and connecting with leaders, to help raise the tide for impact entrepreneurship in New Zealand. Depending on their unique situation, Fellows can choose to engage in different ways.