A fellowship led by fellows for fellows

EHF brings together change makers from all over the world working on a diversity of tactics.


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An impact focused community of action

EHF fellows are building transformative companies and initiatives across sectors. We support a diversity of tactics working at the edges of new technology, leading bold social movements and instigating deep change inside large institutions.


Opening a new worldview

We believe that transformative solutions and creating true paradigm shifts requires thinking fundamentally differently. Using ‘business as usual’ to solve these problems isn’t good enough. The deep indiegenious wisdom and worldview offered by New Zealand’s Maori culture offers a truly unique, powerful perspective to entrepreneurial problem solving. We are proud to be building EHF alongside Maori leadership from Te Ātiawa Taranaki Whanau.


Bring your whole self

EHF is designed to support impact driven entrepreneurs on their journey for life, beyond just their current projects or ventures.


Your impact

The EHF fellowship is a world class network of investment support, startup founders, industry advisors and connectors supporting each other to increase their impact and pushing out the edges of what is possible.

Your journey

This fellowship will help you grow lifelong relationships with purpose driven changemakers. Build capacity with peer learning and personal development opportunities alongside supportive community facing similar challenges.

Your experience

The EHF community has deep connections into New Zealand government, business and innovation sectors. This collaborative eco-system is motivated to see you land well in New Zealand and succeed.


Surrounded by an eco-system of support and connections

EHF is in a unique position to align government, business institutions and the innovation sector in New Zealand. We are supported by industry leading catalyst organisations and a strong eco-system of support. EHF fellows join a collective platform to help enable you and your business to grow global impact from the edge of the world. Learn more about our partnerships and extended network here.


A basecamp for making global change

New Zealand uniquely bridges indigenous wisdom, leading-edge innovation, progressive policies, and natural beauty. Leading the world with its agile, friendly business environment and open culture, it is building its reputation as an Incubation Nation. Learn more about doing business in New Zealand here.


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If you’re not quite ready to apply, but would like to tell us more about your idea or venture, you can express interest