New Frontiers is a co-created event, driven by all participants who each bring their unique gifts, to contribute towards making the gathering all that it is. We will be adding names below as people RSVP to confirm their participation, so you can learn about your fellow participants before we meet.



I'm a video editor, photographer and film maker.

Jacinda Adern

Jacinda's background experience ranges from policy development through to managing a large international non-governmental organisation (NGO). She is a List MP based in Auckland Central and Labour's Spokesperson for Children, Justice Arts, Culture and Heritage and Small Business.

Natalia Albert is Chief Operations Officer for Inspiring Stories Trust and on a voluntary capacity has run 2 TEDxWomen events in Wellington in the past 3 years. The first one she ran in 2013 was the first TEDxWomen event in New Zealand.

She started a non profit in 2013 which raised $40,000 for Oxfam New Zealand, which won her an award for having been the single individual that has enrolled the most amount of people into Oxfam Trailwalker, ever! 40 women in total crossed the 100 km finish line thanks to The Women’s Walking Project, which she also did in a voluntary capacity.

She will finish her second BA (politics) this year and is in the process of launching a new women’s programme in New Zealand in 2016, so watch this space! The Ministry for Women has just featured her story as one of 30 case studies showcasing the next generation of young women in leadership. She is Mexican at heart and has lived in 5 different countries through out her life, thanks to her diplomatic mother including USA, Canada, Spain, Mexico and now New Zealand.

Celebrating the past to help forge the future.

Three passions: 

1. New Zealand

2. The environment

3. Educating our kids

Jen Anderson

I am passionate about making a difference. I left university determined to find a career that would enable me to have an impact on our country and to be a force that enabled new and innovative ideas to take off. I found myself working for Immigration New Zealand.... unexpected. Yet, it turns out INZ is one of the key places in NZ where I can realise this passion, even more unexpected! Seeing what the talented entrepreneurs and investors I have worked with are achieving is what gets me up in the morning. Now I am leading a project that will enable us to build up a stronger community of innovation in NZ, and to maximise the impacts that global, innovative entrepreneurs can have from here.

I am also passionate about exploring every inch of the world that I possibly can; and I am passionate about being the best for my family.

The three things I am most passionate about:

1. NZ and its people

2. NZ and its future prosperity

3. Family

Passionate about food systems, global justice, and building communities of entrepreneurial minds to build global solutions.

Very passionate about New Zealand and the potential to impact the world from here.

I am a passionate conservationist and work in a company called Goodnature toward pragmatic technological and system solutions to reverse biodiversity decline. We love involving the entire community in conservation toward achieving common vision. 

We believe New Zealand will be pest-free. It won't happen tomorrow, but that doesn't mean we shouldn't start today.

Co-founder of online democracy tool Loomio.

Three passions: 

1. The commons!

2. Meaningful work!

3. No bosses!

Three passsions:

1. Food systems/local food

2. New Zealand outdoors/environment

3. Digital Literacy

Lifelong tech startup guy and South Pacific sailor, native Californian who loves Aotearoa and its people.

Special Advisor to the World Business Academy’s Clean Energy Moonshot - a vision for 100% renewable energy for the State of California and then the world. Initiator of Climate Coach Consortium to bring leading Silicon Valley tech companies to the forefront in the scale adoption of long range commuter coaches based on fuel cell electric propulsion, thereby enabling affordable adoption for public transit to underpin transit-oriented development.

Three passions:

1. Helping each other to know that our dreams for the highest good of all do come true.

2. Seeing abundance available to everyone, when we remove the limitations and privations of our thinking and apply nature’s restorative teachings.

3. Raising awareness of restorative agriculture particularly appreciating the importance of soil care and vitality for its own sake, for its ability to rapidly sequester carbon and reverse the carbon imbalance, and for its ability to abundantly produce all the quality food we need.

Nigel is the Deputy Chief Executive of Immigration New Zealand. Immigration New Zealand aims to deliver outstanding immigration services and bring in the best people New Zealand needs to prosper.

I am passionate about sustainable innovation and supporting New Zealand’s entrepreneurial ecosystem. I’m with a government organisation called Callaghan Innovation, where I enjoy sharing innovation insights and growing connections across the food and agri-tech sectors.

Three passions:

1. Truth

2. Hope

3. Action

I'm most passionate about video, new forms of media (Virtual Reality and more), and running.

If anyone wants to go for a long run while I'm there, I'm down!

Al is the Chief Executive of Zero Invasive Predators Ltd (ZIP), a research and development entity with an ambitious and exciting vision:

The complete removal of rats, possums and stoats from large areas of mainland New Zealand for the long term, sustainable protection of native biodiversity.

Al began his career as a geotechnical engineer before a growing awareness of the challenged state of New Zealand's native biodiversity prompted him to focus his engineering and management skills on developing solutions for conservation.

In his spare time, Al enjoys spending time outdoors – tramping, caving and white water rafting.

Janine Burns

Passions: Family , Travel, Reading.

Few people have greater reason to remember their start in a new job: Janine began working for the Department of State on September 10, 2001. Within hours she was responding to the most intense media interest the Embassy in Wellington has ever experienced.

Since then Janine has served four US Ambassadors to New Zealand. She has worked on the SecState visits of Secretary Rice visits in Auckland and Samoa and on Secretary Clinton visits to Auckland, Wellington, and Christchurch. Janine has been seconded to work on regional POTUS visits in Australia and Vietnam. She has also supported the New Zealand visits of various cabinet-level officials including the Attorney General and the Secretaries of Homeland Security and Agriculture.

Janine was staffing a high-level US delegation when the major earthquake struck Christchurch in February 2011. After assisting with the evacuation of the US visitors, Janine chose to stay on in Christchurch. For five days she worked, amongst the aftershocks, as part of the USG team bringing in urban search and rescue personnel and evacuating tourists. A year later, Janine was the lead staffer on US Government efforts to mark the anniversary. This included a large screen video message from the Secretary of State to the people of Christchurch, Ambassadorial participation in the commemorations, and the return of a USAID representative to be publicly honoured by the New Zealand Government.

Janine came to the Embassy after nine years working in New Zealand newsrooms. Most recently she worked for TV3 in a variety of roles including Wellington Assignments Editor/Chief of Staff. The role manages the newsroom's ever changing logistics. It has operational oversight of seven reporters and nine camera crew and spans a geographic area from Taupo to Kaikoura.

Janine has received numerous US Government Franklin Awards and has twice been presented with the Department of State Meritorious Honor Medal.

Peter and Coralie Burton

We're passionate about improving soil health and productivity, primarily working with intensive pastoral operations as it is under pasture that carbon can be rapidly sequestered, humus developed and water filtered. Our products are unique and developed here in NZ using soft carbons and a range of soil friendly fungi and bacteria that enhance natural soil processes, and are equally effective in all soil-based growing situations.

Ants is an Enspiral member who has been working in building the entrepreneurial eco-system in Wellington, helping to kickstart accelerator programmes like Live the Dream and conferences like OS//OS. He is a director of and EXP (enspiral experiences)

Andrew Carpenter

Three passions: 

1. Growing our economy in an sustainable way

2. Global collaboration of great minds

3. Protecting and restoring our environment

I'm an independent chairman/director for tech startups, an angel investor, and a general trouble maker in a range of public policy areas including open government, data driven innovation, smart cities, environment (especially water, and biodiversity/ biosecurity), disaster risk reduction and recovery, and research commercialisation.

Passionate about:

1. Use of data/evidence to inform policy making, new services, and bringing people together across domains to work on difficult problems and grand challenges

2. Mentoring CEOs/founders of startup companies

3. Sharing 'New Zealandness' with the world - understanding how our openness, low degrees of separation, rough & ready lack of polish, and generalist mind set can contribute to global challenges

Alejandra Castañeda

Alejandra Castañeda is a Reiki Master and Sound Healer with a B.A in Psychology. She has studied with various shamans who have taught her the value of incorporating spiritual wisdom and sound into her healing practice. After experiencing the benefits of their work, she committed herself to support others in their healing process. Alejandra has been described as having an innate and unquestionable gift for Shamanic work, a message of hope is delivered through her hands. She continues to expand her awareness and practice to assist those who feel called to be whole again.

Carlos Chambers

Three passions: 

1. Reshaping and updating New Zealand's economy from a low-value, high-impact player into a high-value, knowledge-driven, lean, mean world-class machine. That's why we started Common Ledger. I'm particularly excited by the opportunities to build a low-carbon economy and world - my belief is NZ can lead the way, but we need to focus and do far more than ever before.

2. Overcoming the NZ fear of failure. I believe a key thing hindering Kiwi ambition and going bigger and badder, is an unfamiliarity with and fear of failure. I spend a lot of time thinking about how to help us all overcome this.

3. Surfing in the ocean is what gives me my mana and life-force. I love sharing stories about how it's helped, hearing from others about their experience, and inspiring others to try it for themselves.

An internet pioneer, Sandra was the founder of the first digital agency in Brazil, sold to Ogilvy/ WPP. She was responsible for Ogilvy’s Internet Operation in Latin America in 4 countries and member of OgilvyInteractive WW Board. Sandra is an entrepreneur and undertook different businesses in areas such design, communication, consultancy and education and uses this experience to advise entrepreneurs, start-ups and organisations on how structure and develop their business. Based in Auckland, she is also a partner for Mesa&Cadeira in New Zealand and Australia.

Three passions:

1. Building global, word-class business out of NZ

2. helping individual leaders realise their potential and achieve success

3. leave a legacy for future generations that we can be proud of (and have some fun in the process!!)

I am involved in 2 businesses; Rothbury Kinross - executive search and recruitment of boards & leaders for high growth companies and; Totara Funds Management - consulting and investing into expansion phase agri-tech and food-tech businesses.

In the process of building these businesses with my business partners we have developed very extensive networks of highly talented and engaged people around the world and can tap into expertise, experience and skills across a wide range of disciplines to assist and support NZ companies and organisations.

Three passions: 

1. Championing social enterprise at Ākina Foundation 

2. Growing entrepreneurship with Startup Weekend

3. Engineering the future of work

Melissa Clark-Reynolds

Three passions:

1. I am really interested in how we might build incubation for "built to last" rather than built to flip companies. How do we build for long term intergenerational wealth and wellbeing through the incubation model?

2. Sustainable Agriculture/Integrated Primary production/feeding the planet

3. Growing leaders

I run a science communication consultancy based in Wellington. Three things I'm passionate about:

1.I believe that everything we need to address the world's biggest problems already exists within people. I'm passionate about coaxing that potential out - helping them to see what is incredible inside themselves and others.

2. Bridging the divide between the rational and emotional and helping the science community to reconnect with humanity. I see this as a form of feminism. For generations our culture has preferred masculine rational knowledge over more intuitive feminine forms of knowledge. I believe a massive shift is beginning to occur that will change all aspects of society from family life to business. And I want to be part of this!

3. The power of story to create identity, find purpose, bring people together and overcome cultural divides.

Partner to Miriam, father of Samantha (5) and Alex (9 months). Lived in Christchurch, Wellington, London and Ottawa. Love anything outdoors and Wellington. Competes (and socializes) in triathlons - favorite course the Wanaka Half Ironman, followed by the Rotorua Half Ironman.

Created the Project conference (now in its 4th year). In recent years I've worked in Public Affairs at the U.S. Embassy in Ottawa and currently the U.S. Embassy in Wellington. Trained diplomats at U.S. Embassy Haiti (Port-au-Prince), Guatemala, and Santo Domingo on digital diplomacy.

Represented New Zealand in the ITU Age Group World Champs in London (swam in the Serpentine, cycled through the Wellington Arch and past Buckingham Palace). Was chased by a bear in Canada, and then interviewed the next day on Canadian National TV (sorry I mentioned sheep in the interview).

Kiwi as. More about me if you Google orbzuc (cuzbro backwards ... there is a story behind this).

Three Passions:

1. Family

2. New Zealand outdoors

3. Triathlons

Janet Coulthart

Commercial Specialist/Head of Section at the U.S. Commercial Service and based at the U.S. Embassy in Wellington, New Zealand. My role is to support and help U.S. exporters in New Zealand and promote the U.S. as both a business and travel destination. I'm a New Zealander, enjoy my job and over the years, have established an extensive network of business relationships involved in trade between the U.S. and New Zealand.

Family and outside interests: My spouse Mark and I have two adult sons. Most weekends are a combination of dining with friends and family, walking up and down Wellington’s hills, keeping the garden tidy and planning the next trip away.

3 passions: Work, travel and food.

Ben is a policy wonk who loves technology and in particular Internet-based policy issues. Ben plays keyboard for the Internet at InternetNZ and leads work in the Internet Use and Internet Security portfolios of InternetNZ's Issues Programme.

I want to see Kiwi businesses and individuals succeed and to do that we need to embrace the best ideas and technology from around the world and develop deeper global connections.

I am also passionate about bringing innovation and an entrepreneurial spirit to the government sector, to ensure our public services meet and exceed the expectations of citizens.

Three passions:

1. Collaborative approaches to solving NZ's most wicked environmental problems.

2. Focusing on solutions and results.

3. Achieving aligned activity to achieve mutually agreed solutions and results.

1. Opportunities

2. Community

3. Inspiration

Bart de Vries

Bart de Vries is a physiotherapist learning and creating new ways to impact the health and wellbeing of people and planet.

Dr Michelle Dickinson

Increasing digital technology awareness and education for all to help nurture a New Zealand culture of building a smart, sustainable country that we all want to live in.

Michael Divine is an artist.

I am presently a post-doctoral research fellow specializing in climate justice in the Practical Justice Initiative at UNSW in Sydney. I was born and raised in southern California, recently finished my PhD in Philosophy at UC Irvine, and have long been a champion for environmental and sustainability causes.

I am a fine artist, and have been blessed to have been asked to contribute to the beautifying of Aroha - not that it needs much assistance! My spouse and I create art in the world under the banner of Ten Thousand Visions. I also teach hatha yoga in the Indra Devi and BKS Iyengar lineage.

Sandy Dumont

Sandy Dumont currently lives in Avila Beach, CA with frequent travels to New Zealand. She is a Community Volunteer; Exec.Director Human Resources/ Training&Development (Retired)

Three passions:

1. Family

2. Community Volunteering

3. Education / Teaching

Passionate about:

1. Māori and Community Development

2. Coaching and leadership

Anna Edgington

Throughout everything I do is the underlying philosophy that the human voice is a powerful phenomenon that can communicate the most profound elements and truths bound up in the human condition, especially when stripped of words and other stifling constructs.

Second to this is my passion for sound and music for the reasons above. The way music can transcend time, space, culture and language is something that must be strengthened and shared, especially in awe-inspiring times of complex technologies...getting back to the basic methods of communication is good for humanity.

My want for truth in all things drives my life, my relationships and knowledge of myself so that I can be the strongest, wisest and kindest of human that I can be, so that I can love and help others to my best abilities.

Anna is a vocalist, performer, music producer and music programmer, deeply immersed in the arts in NZ and UK. She moved over to NZ in 2009, after graduating from University of York, UK. She studied music, majoring in vocal studies and left with a BA First Class Honours. Anna also has considerable experience in arts administration, programming and creative, having worked with Chamber Music New Zealand, The Performance Arcade, Weta Workshop and the Arts Foundation of NZ. She has contributed to Radio NZ Upbeat as a guest, exploring vocal music from all angles. She has sings with The Tudor Consort and collaborates with contemporary, classical, jazz and electroacoustic composers from NZ and UK. Anna also works as a session vocalist for film composers in New Zealand. Most recently, Anna's middle eastern vocalisations and renditions of songs from 1914-18 can be heard throughout the exhibition 'The Scale of Our War' at Te Papa. Her solo project ‘Edie' has achieved critical acclaim and she is currently composing & producing her second release.

Three passions:

1. Transitioning to a viable, prosperous future. For my kids. For everyones' kids.

2. The potential for social enterprise to support this transition.

3. The potential for local food systems to support this transition.

I'm passionate about ahimsa (doing no harm), distributing power, storytelling and justice.

I'm co-founder of ActionStation - a movement to reignite participation in our democracy and restore 'people power' by building a community of activate citizens and facilitating collective action for progressive change. I trained as a human rights lawyer, worked in Timor-Leste, New Zealand and the Gaza Strip before going to Afghanistan, where I discovered stories are my secret weapon, and yoga is my medicine. I'm also a writer, a restauranteur (La Boca Loca) and a yoga teacher.

Passionate about participation, generosity & adventure. Currently focused on creating better philanthropic practice, citizen-led movements, social enterprise, youth development & running about in the mountains.