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Participants (F-J)

I am an art curator and art writer based in Wellington, Aotearoa New Zealand. I am currently working as the Senior Curator Art at Te Papa, New Zealand's national museum. I am also working towards a PhD in Curatorial Practice through Monash University in Melbourne.

Three things I am passionate about:

1. Inspiring people to see the relevance of the arts to their lives.

2. Working with contemporary artists to create ambitious new works.

3. Being a champion for the rich and diverse artistic and cultural production of our region.

Three passions:

1. Supporting leaders to grow and develop their teams

2. Using coaching to encourage individuals to reach their full potential

3. Changing the nature of workplace conversations

I am passionate about our health and that of our ecosystem: from the health of our soil to the health of our gut, there is a direct connection. Our food creates our cells!

My family's personal journey to recover our health from multiple chronic illnesses inspired me to share my passion and become a Holistic Health Coach. The Remedy Project is a service I created to provide a tailored one-on-one programme designed to support you to reach your wellness goals, step by step, whatever they may be.

I love sharing information about our connection to our food and how we can increase our health, energy and vitality by adding more nutrient dense food into our lives. I give talks, host food workshops and offer consulting on all things in the wellness space.

Three passions:

1. New Zealand driving to be seen as a leader, whether it is social change, sustainability, new food or as the world's best tech test bed et al...and thereby attracting wonderful global talent

2. The New Zealand outdoors - surf, bush, mountains, lakes

3. Tennis

I’m a design entrepreneur, originally from the US. I moved with my family to NZ in 2001. Most recently I was co-founder and Head of Design at Xero. Currently investor and advisor to numerous startups including ActionStation, Atomic, Koordinates, and Storypark.

My career started in Silicon Valley in 1992, designing mobile devices at General Magic. After that I founded Turntable, creating ground breaking interactive projects for entertainment and tech companies, including Apple, Beastie Boys, Dreamworks, Palm, and Playstation.

Three passions:

1. Enjoying the moment, with my family, taking nice photos to savour it all.

2. Surfing. Just learning.

3. Using design and design thinking to create experiences that people love.

Three passions:

1. My Family and teaching my children how to take care of themselves, their community, and their ecology.

2. Developing cooperative businesses and incentivized teams that are creative problem solvers to meet the challenges of the current economy and ecology.

3. Food! - Learning to responsibly and ethically raise and grow nutrient dense food. Learning to prepare food in ways that will nourish and sustain our bodies. Developing food hubs that integrate business, finance, science, math, technology, environmental studies, and sociology into public school programs that will fund the public education system, create food security within our communities, and provide dividends to members of the community.

Michele Frank

Three passions:

1. Community conservation

2. Social enterprise

3. Collaborative approaches to landscape conservation projects

Angela Fraser


Angela Fraser is a licensed massage therapist from New York City with 17 years of experience under her belt. Angela’s passion for body awareness and focus has also seen her training in pilates and trapeze. After 10 years of private practice in New York, she moved to Wellington for a change in quality of life, and to massage hobbits - quite literally, as she worked as a massage therapist on the set of all three Hobbit movies! She will be out in the valley a few days each week offering massages to soothe those hiking, dancing and crossfit aches.

I try to play my part in building a world where everyone thrives and everyone contributes.

This means I am passionate about helping to create some key changes which will build this world:

1. Building positive within families and communities - starting with my own.

2. Building positive relationships between cultures and communities - starting with bi-culturalism.

3. Sharing power, opportunity and resources more fairly.

I'm an investment and policy advisor for Ākina's Impact Investing Programme. I have a background in commercial and finance law and love nerding it up with a good legal or investment structure. As well as specific details I spend much of my time working on market building strategies.

Nick Gerritsen


Three passions:

1. Delivering the NZ dream

2. Enabling leadership

3. Making things happen

Three passions:

1. Being the best parent that I can be.

2. Steering the course of humanity using my skills and cooperation with others.

3. Always being receptive to truth.

Three passions:

1. The opportunity to contribute to a positive future for young New Zealanders.

2. The opportunity to contribute positively to NZ's unique natural environment.

3. The opportunity to contribute to reducing climate change impacts.

Martha is a Skillionaire who loves learning. 

Kimberley Gilmour


I'm passionate about:

1. Nutrition and wellness- so that we can be and give our best to whatever it is we're doing. I've just started some additional part-time study so I can learn and share more about this.

2. Connecting with nature: hiking, trail running, sitting, hugging the odd tree. :)

3. NZ as a global leader - in business, environment, ideas. I've been lucky enough to be part of 2 NZ-born leading global businesses in their industries - Icebreaker and Vend. Always happy to share learnings from those experiences.

A few years ago I also had the absolute privilege of helping organise 2 TEDx events in Christchurch and was part of the incredibly inspiring Ministry of Awesome (also in Christchurch).

Three passions:

1. How New Zealand can take advantage of technology to improve its economic performance

2. The impacts of open data and how we can move away from the idea of "ownership" of data

3. The implications of low-cost information sharing for how we design organisations

I'm an economist, environmentalist and social entrepreneur. I'm passionate about building a more sustainable economic system.

I'm one of the co-founders of Conscious Consumers - a social enterprise and movement of 30,000+ consumers and 500 businesses across New Zealand. Our mission is to build a global marketplace for sustainable business, that connects consumers with 'good' businesses in a personal and rewarding way.

Anake Goodall

Anake is current Chairman of Ākina Foundation, and former CEO of Te Runanga o Ngāi Tahu.

Sarah is a Registered Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapist, Somatic Therapist, Continuum Movement teacher and conscious birth doula. She has been deeply involved in Pre- & Perinatal somatic therapies and has a passion for facilitating a connection to the Inherent Health that is our birthright. She owns a healing and movement arts studio in Ojai, California. Somatic Sanctuary is a sacred space for people to rest, heal, nourish, and arrive more deeply into conscious embodiment.

Michelle Grambeau


With a continued focus in health and the global environment, I am most passionate about working with change-makers and cutting edge organizations to create a deep cultural 'well' — Through holistic wellbeing with World Wide Well and strategic gifts at Namaste Foundation, my mission is to align vision and impact for whole human, whole planet health.

Tea drinker, photojournalist, yoga and meditation educator, vegetable worshipper and lover of learning, everything I create comes from the underlying idea that what is good for our own wellbeing is also good for the earth (and vice versa).

Seven generations forward and seven generations back, micro to macro, I design and create for balance.

Three passions:

1. Crowdfunding

2. Social enterprise

3. Gender equality

(and... coffee)

Three passions:

1. Healthy resilient ecosystems through large scale collaborative impact partnerships

2. Healthy resilient people through engagement in learning and nature

3. Aotearoa/New Zealand as a place for developing learning, models and successes to achieve 1 and 2 above

Alex Hannant


I'm passionate about kindness, insight, and innovation - doing things better and fairer at all levels.

Three passions:

1.  Conscious, ethical consumerism

2. Community participation and do-ocracy

3. Plants, grass, water, animals and earth. I believe our hope for survival as a species lies in finding a way for every child to experience and fall in love with nature.


1) My tamariki - ensuring they are and continue to be happy, kind and energetic people
2) Equitable outcomes: people + planet + tikanga = prosperity for all
3) Doing my best to contribute to building NZ's start-up ecosystem

My family, rugby and not being a typical public servant

Three things I am passionate about:

1. Women's rights

2. Healthcare accessibility

3. The ocean

Three passions:

1. Making Wellington a world renowned tech hub

2. Helping businesses and people to reach their potential through learning and capability building

3. Sharing inspired meals and conversations with family and friends

Growing the value and trust in NZ agriculture globally, through:

1. ...its people, foodies, creative do-ers, growers

2. ...its environmental sustainability and science

3. ...the regional economy and trade

My day job is with UC CEISMIC, building a federated, open access archive to preserve the knowledge, memories and experiences surrounding the Canterbury earthquakes.

In my spare time I am an artist, activist, and the regional coordinator for Generation Zero Christchurch.

Three things I'm most passionate about:

1. A future beyond fossil fuel

2. The opportunity to rebuild Christchurch as a low-carbon city

3. Living with purpose

Dean Jervis

Dean works for the Ministry of Business, Innovation & Employment within Immigration New Zealand, on skilled migrant attraction and retention.

I am most passionate about:

1. Helping people reconnect to their creative spirit by using their voices to express their internal state - feelings, emotions, sensations, ideas, passions and desires.

2. The human heart and all that is possible when it is open. I particularly love working with game-changing leaders on how to connect to their hearts and their bodies to help fortify, nourish and ground their mission in a sustainable way.

3. Remembering our interconnectivity to all of life by spending time in nature (and remembering we ARE nature), having deep meaningful connections to people, animals, plants, ourselves, and exploring "heArtistry"...the forms of expression that make us feel most alive.

4. Making music and freestyle jam sessions that take my breath away. (I had to squeeze that one in!)

Three passions: 

1. Mobilising everyday people to be active in crisis situations.

2. Building a better New Zealand to be a leader in the world.

3. Living a happy, healthy and joy-filled life. 

Andrew is a Digital Painter based out of Lyons, Colorado, and works under the name Android Jones.