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Participants (K-L)

Dr Girol Karacaoglu


Girol Karacaoglu is the Chief Economist of the New Zealand Treasury and a Champion of the Treasury's Living Standards Framework which is intended to develop policy advice that integrates economic, environmental and social dimensions of wellbeing.

Three passions:

1. Exploring the legal and cultural details of how people find "common ground"

2. Cyanobacteria and their ability to upgrade the planet

3. The neuroscience of creativity

Three passions:

1. Art

2. Music 

3. Philosophy

Three passions:

1.  Equality

2. Learning & teaching

3. People.

I am passionate about NEXT Foundation's ambitions for New Zealand:

1. For a predator-free New Zealand with flourishing native bird life.

2. For the best place-based environmental education in the world.

3. For excellence in our teacher, principal and digital education.

(Bio forthcoming) 

Three passions:

1. Education (personal/adaptive/future-focused)

2. Mindsets (growth-centred/new pathways being created/environment that can encourage)

3. Human side of tech (intersection of design, tech and people)

Three passions:

1. Composting Toilets for Emergencies

2. Social Enterprise

3. Permaculture and Community Development

I'm passionate about the potential of technology to open up new possibilities for democratic self-organising. I'm co-founder of Loomio, a social enterprise building collaborative decision-making software. 

I'm committed to supporting the transition beyond profit-maximization as the default aim of business, towards business as a regenerative purpose-driven endeavour. I'm a member of the Enspiral social enterprise network in Wellington.

I'm passionate about biodiversity regeneration as a critical risk and massive opportunity for New Zealand. I co-manage the Tuapeka Biodiversity Reserve in southern central Otago.

Stefan is very passionate about the concept of stewardship and creating mindful change. With the work Stefan does he aims to create change at three key levels of society: personal change, organisational change in the private sector and organisational change in the public sector.

Stefan Korn is an experienced entrepreneur, business strategist and investor with over 10 years experience in managing high growth ventures, early stage investment and ecommerce. Stefan has a PhD in Computer Science (or more specifically in the application of Artificial Neural Networks and Machine Learning) and an MBA in international business.

Stefan runs New Zealand’s Startup Base and Wellington innovation engine “Creative HQ” and with his team looks after the Lightning Lab acceleration programme, the global growth programme for early stage ventures and a range of innovation services for large organisations.

Alanna Krause is a core member of Enspiral, a non-hierarchical distributed network of entrepreneurs, professionals, and hackers using the tools of business and technology to make positive social change. She is an explorer of bossless leadership, innovating tools and processes for effective equitable collaboration.

A founder of the Loomio cooperative, which makes an open source app for collaborative decision-making, and an originator of Cobudget, an open source app for collaborative funding, she develops digital and cultural technology for working in a new paradigm.

She has also worked on social and software solutions for collective strategy setting, peer-to-peer banking, and other approaches to deconstructing organisational processes and re-imagining them for commons-based ways of living and working.

Alanna is deeply interested in business structures and ethical capital for growing social-mission driven, open-source ventures. Born in San Francisco, Alanna has lived in Asia and Europe, and is now based in Wellington, New Zealand.

Specializing in love, sex & conflict resolution, Annie has created a suite of relationship tools to help her clients resolve toxic patterns, increase esteem, defuse conflict, transcend blame & cultivate deep resilient relationships that last a lifetime. In her unique Relationship Coaching practice she helps individuals build extraordinary connections that maximize freedom & minimize shame. 

Passionate about intentional connecting for awesome outcomes!

I'm a believer in:

1. Creating businesses and initiatives for the long term (see here)

2. Creating experiences that delight

3. In the magic of bringing people together to make things happen

I am also very passionate about soup, my family and the ventures in which I'm involved: Webstock, Extraordinary Tales of Strength & Daring, and Lil Regie.

I'm currently shepherding on a rolling hill country farm in southern Hawke's Bay and heading overseas next year to explore the potential of shared learning experiences to support mindset shifts among New Zealand farmers (that ideally lead to holistic, long-term and sustainable land use and practises).

Three passions:

1. Humans in harmony with the whenua (land)

2. The limitless potential of people

3. Adventure

Walter Langelaar is an artist and educator from the Netherlands, based in Wellington.

His work in media arts and design ranges from artistic video game modification to critical reflections on Internet technology and culture, and his installations and collaborative online projects have been shown in numerous venues, galleries and festivals like Transmediale and CTM, Jeu de Paume, WORM, the Hammer Museum, DEAF, Ars Electronica, NiMK/Montevideo, Babycastles NYC, iMAL and Medialab Prado.

Walter is a Lecturer in Media Design at Victoria University of Wellington's School of Design, where he also supervises the Data.Mine postgraduate research cluster. He is an avid user and strong proponent of Open Source tools and methodology in his teaching and practice.

Erica Lattughi

My passionate is dancing with Matiu Te Huki

Three things I'm passionate about:

1) New technology in its pioneering phase. Right now, I'm a keen follower of Bitcoin and commercial space exploration.

2) Startups and entrepreneurship and how it can be used in combination with new technology to solve problems for society and the environment.

3) Exploring the world. Global citizenship. Perpetual traveller.

I'm a musician and software developer. I'm into collective healing. It sounds cheesy, but I think things like singing together, sharing stories, and being vulnerable with each other are some of the most political things we can do.

I'm also on a mission to inject positive social values back into pop music (mainstream music mostly de-politicized after the 1960's and I think it's time again to start singing about the things we believe in).

In 2011, I co-founded Loomio, a collaborative decision-making app.

I'm passionate about local, organic food production, holistic health approaches and permaculture design. At the moment, I'm teaching workshops in small space food production as Edible Oasis, and starting urban farms as workerBe Oasis. 

I've been an activist in many different ways and forms through my life and had the honour to be interviewed by Renée Gerlich.

As a photographer, it should come as no surprise that I am in love with the language of light, in all its brilliant forms – light that emanates, that illuminates, that dances between lovers or an artist and their paintbrush. I am also completely enamored with the tiny universes that surround us always – the dewdrops and lichen, fuzzy bees and dexterous spiders, the patterns within a flower's petals. And, third – I simply adore children. I am invigorated by their pure sense of wonder and deep, un-muddied, insightful wisdom.