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Participants (M-O)

I am a new paradigm media activist crafting conscious memes on behalf of the more beautiful world our hearts know is possible.

Three passions:

1. Crafting powerful memes about the new story and intentionally detonating them in the noosphere.

2. Creating spaces of trust and truth to heal our collective and personal wounds in love and sexuality.

3. Amplifying the emerging feminine - My new feature documentary releases in Spring 2016.

Three passions:

1. Mātauranga Māori

2. Tech

3. Swimming

Currently building Te Hiku Media

Three passions: 

1. Freedom, the ability to love, heal, forgive and rebel in the cause of justice

2. Playing on a global field

3. Creating a world where everyone is valued

Three passions:

1. Festival spaces: how magical, safe, collaborative events are crafted and how those lessons can transfer to everyday life

2. Film, text, and stage: telling stories

3. Culinary feats: bringing people together with wonderful food

In November I moved from the United States to New Zealand to begin working on identity.com as a software engineer. These days I'm passionate about seeking novelty, spending time in the outdoors, and the music of Maynard James Keenan.

Passionate about:

1. Helping NZ tech & digital companies step up and stay up

2. Supporting and growing our pool of female leaders

3. Being kind.

Three passions:

1. Sustainable financial system

2. Ecological consciousness

3. A new social contract.

James Mansell



Three passions:

1. Philosophy

2. Music

3. Art

Julia is a filmmaker, video artist and photographer using media to tell new stories about the emerging paradigm. She has an insatiable curiosity for the sacred and the profane. Standing for women's empowerment, cross-cultural understanding and environmental sustainability, she is sure that with the merging of these three topics, we can make some good change on the planet. She believes there is no limit to the imagination, and that creating beautiful, authentic and sometimes surreal imagery is one way to widen the lens on what we currently know as possible.

I am a designer, facilitator, and educator. I am fascinated by the ways that people interact and have learned a few things about supporting individuals and groups to achieve transformational outcomes. I believe that Aotearoa New Zealand has a unique role to play in the evolution of human consciousness here on planet Earth, and I am in service to that future.

Adam McConnochie

Three passions:

1. Building connections between entrepreneurs in NZ and Asia.

2. Breaking down cultural boundaries so that Kiwis can succeed in Asia, especially in business.

3. Meeting interesting and passionate people and exploring ways to collaborate.

Three passions:

1. Economic empowerment for disadvantaged groups, mainly via involvement in policy and employment/ education programmes

2. Improving the relevance of, or linkages between, education and the workforce

3. Supporting youth employability, including self-employability/entrepreneurship/social enterprise

Wendy is Chief Executive of the McGuinness Institute.

The McGuinness Institute is a non-partisan think tank working towards a sustainable future,
contributing strategic foresight through evidence-based research and policy analysis. The Institute was established in 2004.

Three passions:

1. Catalysing & backing change agents

2. Tino rangatiratanga (international guests, click here to find out more)

3. Remixing precedents

Three passions:

1. Transformation of what it means to be a human

2. Real impact

3. My dog, Tui

I am passionate about the power of the people to change things that do not serve them. I love facilitated group dynamics, and relationships. I am more of a listener and a doer than a talker. The last festival I was a part of was Prana.

Three passions:

1. Adventure

2. Philosophy

3. Collaboration

Joseph Michael embodies the magic balance of technology and fine artistry. With a passion for the philosophical at the core of his practice, Michael seeks out the rare and sublime in the natural world and represents it dynamically, fusing creative vision with cutting-edge technology.

My Three passions:

1. Creativity - how expression through art can inspire positive change
2. Technologies role in facilitating robust tools and conversations that lead to clear pathways to action
3. The ocean

Passionate about figuring out what it will take to accelerate uptake of the green economy in NZ , so the economics, environment and our behaviour.

On a personal level I aim to help improve the future health of the oceans.

Three current areas of passion:

1. Helping people explore, celebrate, shine a light on, then get excited about their own unique gifts and talents- those that when shared have a meaningful positive impact on the world.

2. Observing nature as a teacher for the design of everything we do

3. New systems of co-operative finance. The democratization of money. New ways to meaningfully measure ‘value’ to society

Julia is Founder of the Common Unity Project, a community-based, urban farm project that grows food, skills and leadership with local families in Lower Hutt.

Common Unity is a registered charity that works collaboratively with Epuni Primary School, a little school with a big heart. We grow food on a disused soccer field - enough to feed our children of Epuni School three times each week. We invite our parents and wider community to come to school each day and learn, share and educate one another. In turn, this has become a collective response to meeting the needs of our children and developing our own resilient solution within our community.

Three passions:

1. Eco-regeneration

2. Social justice

3. Hip-hop

I’m passionate about tackling meaningful problems, building community connections, and helping New Zealand realise its potential. I’m privileged to be a co-creator on these projects: Kiwi Connect, Inflection, Namaste Foundation, and Aroha Valley.

Passionate about...

1. Building the future we want to live in.

2. Providing the entrepreneurial fabric that joins people and the resources they need to realise their potential, within their own local communities, across Aotearoa/NZ, and around the globe.

3. Helping people learn through first-hand experience.

4. Being there at the birth of amazing things.

Toni Moyes


Three passions:

1. Making the web and virtual reality more human with 8i.com.

2. Women in technology, finance and corporate leadership.

3. Being outdoors in New Zealand and around the world, and combatting the threats to our environment.

Ian & Helen Muir

As long time residents of Whiteman’s Valley, Ian and his wife Helen, have been involved in many projects with the Aroha community. The efforts of their hard work can be seen all around this beautiful valley. They moved into the area in 1971 and began to grow their family and their homestead. As young parents of two girls, they kept busy working as farmers, full-time teachers and running a nursery business from their home. Many of the mature trees here in the valley were started and planted by the Muirs. Over the years, they have also been involved in landscaping, horticulture instruction, building and forestry, and are an amazing source of knowledge on the history of the area and the families that have lived here. Ian and Helen will be leading some tree planting sessions during New Frontiers.

I have the good fortune of being tasked in bringing the tech sector together in New Zealand to help drive New Zealand's prosperity led by technology. To do this it is all about building better connections and helping promote New Zealand as a world class digital nation. An incubation nation. A living lab.

Personally I am passionate about:

1. Creating a place for our children that keeps getting better

2. Understanding and harnessing the positive power of technology

3. Finding a way to enjoy every day

Passionate about digital rights and privacy, economic and judicial fairness, and cats.

Sabrina Nagel


Apart from my 3-year old twins, I am passionate about education, entrepreneurship and the environment.

I am a project manager, collaborator, maker, pioneer and designer who is passionate about facilitating change in our world through inclusive systems, curiosity and tangential thinking.

Penny Nelson


Penny is the Executive Director of the Sustainable Business Council. SBC is an executive led organisation that advocates a better way of doing business, one which helps create a sustainable future for NZ. We provide a platform for collaborating on business solutions and enable our members to be leaders in sustainable business practice. We do this because businesses can only be successful in the long term when people live well and within the limits of the planet.

Three passions:

1: Business

2: Collaborating for change

3: Natural and social capital

Duncan Nimmo

Three passions:

1. Emerging story-telling grammars

2. Education for gifted technical kids

3. Brains, scarcity and choices

Partner at Founders Fund focused on companies with important technologies reinventing stagnant industries or defining emerging ones. Formerly, an early engineer at SpaceX with other projects in between or during.

Three passions:

1. Sport and Exercise - I'm passionate about getting outside and getting active. The comradery of team sport and satisfaction of collective achievement.  Healthy body = healthy mind!

2. Food -  One of life's greatest pleasures. The ease in which it brings people together, friends, family or acquaintances is truly awesome.

3. Music - There's something magic about music. The ability to evoke memories or feelings with only sound.

Robert O'Brien

Three passions: Financial Cryptography, Experience Design and Internet-of-Things.

Financial Cryptography is concerned with the application of cryptography and distributed computing to information trust problems. This includes digital identify, privacy, reputation and digital monies. In particular I’m very interested in new forms of Institutional arrangements enabled by digital and mobile technology. In particular the ability to create new trusted institutional forms. By Institution I mean the rules and social norms that a culture/group/organisation develops to enable cooperation. Hence mobile technology broadly can be a big enabler of new institutional forms.

By extension I'm doing work in IoT, Sensor Networks and Experience Design. Software Developer with a financial markets and payments background.

Mike O'Donnell

Three passions:

1. Online communities

2. Irresistible functionality

3. Creative disruption

I spent 14 years as an event producer and strategist for the South by Southwest (SXSW) Interactive Festival, but I recently relocated to New Zealand to head up the country's first hardware accelerator, Lightning Lab Manufacturing.

I'm passionate about:

1. Community-building

2. Internet of Things & embedding technology into the world around us in an ethical way

3. Hardware startups & new manufacturing technologies

Phil O’Reilly is Director of Iron Duke Partners, a Wellington based Public Policy Advisory Firm. He is Chair of the Board of the Business And Industry Advisory Committee to the OECD and is a member of the Governing Body of the International Labour Organisation. He is a Board Member of, or Advisor to a number of New Zealand and Global Organisations. He was previously Chief Executive of BusinessNZ, New Zealand’s leading business advocacy group, representing thousands of businesses of all sizes.

Pinamin Owasu

Three passions:

1. Fashion and art

2. Creating employment opportunities

3. Supporting education and mentoring for young people.