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Participants (U-Z)

Three passions:

1. Passionate about my local community (Upper Hutt) and how I can work with others to ignite, enhance and protect the fantastic life, leisure, lifestyle and economic opportunities that exist.

2. Very passionate about my family and creating an environment to enable my 3 girls to thrive in the future.

3. Passionate about keeping fit and healthy.

Marjan van den Belt


Associate Professor / Director at Ecological Economics Research New Zealand, Massey University.

As an Ecological Economist, Marjan is a 'facilitator of systemic inquiries'. She holds a PhD in Marine Estuarine Environmental Science from the University of Maryland, USA and a Masters in Business Economics from Erasmus University Rotterdam, Netherlands. She has used an ecosystem services approach for 20 years, predominantly in stakeholder participatory processes decision support, guided by model building and scenario development. As Science Leader of MBIE-funded programmes, her trans-disciplinary research interests spans land (e.g. urban, agricultural and conservation) and water (e.g. rivers, coast and marine) as they relate to human well-being.

Three passions:

1. Sustainable Development - solutions to reduce poverty in all forms

2. Synthesis - knowledge brokering and co-creating

3. Social Ecological Entrepreneurship

Three passions:

1. Nomadic Tiny Home Movement

2. Creative incubation spaces

3. CoCreative (social) productivity networks. 

I work with Enspiral and Enspiral Academy and am passionate about: 

1. Growing high trust and interdependent financial communities where people can earn a livelihood doing the work that most needs doing. There is a trickle of human energy going into the biggest challenges of our times, I want to help turn it into a river.

2. Designing and implementing decentralised organising processes and the software to make them scalable and efficient.

3. Exploring alternative financial and political models which respect the role of money but are not deeply captured by it.

Three passions:

1. Comprehensive system change: through building a new global culture through manifesting models (and moving resources towards that end)

2. Healing love, sexuality and community

3. The beauty of this Earth (and keeping it)

Naila von Mendelssoh


Three passions:

1. New ways of education

2. Learning to understand the guidance of nature

3. Creating networks around the world that can bring real change

Celia Wade-Brown

Celia is Mayor of Wellington city

Diana Wakefield

I am a farmer living in the Moonshine Valley about 40 minutes out of Wellington. I am converting the farm into a place of learning about sustainable and quality living practices. Anything from food production to energy generation or bee keeping to micro dwelling.

Passionate about education, wellbeing, equal opportunities, community, business and the balance within and between all of these.

I spend most of my time between working at Enspiral Academy, living in Island Bay with my family and some weekends at my parents farm in Upper Hutt.

St. John Wakefield

I am a farmer and pathologist living in the Moonshine Valley about 40 minutes out of Wellington. I am converting the farm into a place of learning about sustainable and quality living practices. Anything from food production to energy generation or bee keeping to micro dwelling.

Three passions:

1) Ecopsychology and Experiential Learning : I am passionate about taking leaders into wilderness, radically foreign life circumstances (Africa, India, South Auckland) or into diverse impact organisations. Such first-hand experiences can elicit a felt sense of connection with distant others and indeed with all living beings. I think of 'expanded identity' as a fertile ground for decision-making, responsible leadership and questions of purpose.

2) Unleashing Creativity: Whether it's facilitating groups, developing team cultures or coaching individuals - freeing up that glorious human capacity for generative collaboration, new ideas, timely innovation and in-the-moment emergence.

3) Wholeness and intrinsic values: leaving London for life on Waiheke island has brought me unimaginable delight in beekeeping, wild swimming, organic gardening, 5 rhythms dancing. Beyond achieving and spending, I witness an embodied, grounded wholeness that can impart nourishing wisdom to all we do. As a part time photojournalist and NZ Herald columnist, I write about these things.

I have been passionate about the environment & animal welfare for as long as I can remember & have turned it into an innovative business. I am currently the managing director of Ethique, a certified B-Corp which manufactures waste free body care products in solid form. I'm looking forward to sharing my thoughts and hearing from others about how we can encourage innovation in NZ & become a world leader in forward thinking tech & policies.

Ariel White is an artist, entrepreneur, activist, & muse of the modern renaissance. Co-founder of Amant, an emerging online platform for all things Lover, Ariel brings together art, media, and messages that support individuals in having more intimacy and sensual fulfilment.

Ariel is passionate about: 

1. Creating Right-Relationship with the Earth

2. Inspiring a Lover Revolution

3. Art that Sparks more Aliveness + Innovation

Permaculture designer and activist

Natural philosopher and change maker

Nourishment of body, mind and spirit.

I get excited about:

1. Supporting change

2. New ways of doing business

3. Shifting the conversation on the environment and social issues

Maori social entrepreneur, co-founder of Te Whare Hukahuka, founding Board member of TeachFirst NZ.
Te Whare Hukahuka has trained 500+ Māori leaders, and creates learning experiences that enable indigenous community organisations to be more effective. Enjoys fire dancing, meditation, writing, and painting.

Three passions:

1. Indigenous/holistic sustainability

2. Community economics

3. Entrepreneurship and innovation

Three passions:

1. Creating the future of business

2. Conscious Leadership

3. Startups

Since moving to Christchurch in February 2012, I have been involved in a number of organisations and projects: I am a founding trustee of the Christchurch Transitional Architecture Trust; a founding trustee of Exchange Christchurch (XCHC); I was the lead designer for the Gap Filler Pallet Pavilion; and I co-conceived Studio Christchurch. Before moving to New Zealand, I practiced as an architect in Europe with OMA and Herzog & de Meuron. I'm passionate about creating places where we love to live, play and work.

I'm the Communications Manager at Ākina Foundation and passionate about helping tell the stories of social enterprise success - and challenges - in New Zealand, and how social enterprise can be part of a new sustainable economy. I also worked at Department of Conservation for 10 years and at a global engineering company, AECOM, for seven years, so understand the interface between environmental management and infrastructure demands.

Ross manages public policy and government affairs for Google in New Zealand. He's passionate about NZ making the most of technology for better social and economic outcomes. He's also passionate about acting; his husband and their 5 year old daughter.

Three passions:

1. Enspiral

2. Education

3. Humans