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Spotlight on EHF Fellows

The strength of the EHF community centres around the Fellows. We look forward to welcoming our Cohort 3 Fellows, as well as some of our Cohort 1 & 2 Fellows who will be returning to the summit. Hear from the 44 new Fellows who will introduce their work and their future plans for creating positive global impact. Read about our Fellows here. Read a summary of our new cohort here. Additional Fellows are being announced each week on our Blog.


EHF Fellow: Adrien Gheur of Maloekoe Ventures

Supporting visionary entrepreneurs to create long-term impact in emerging global markets. Adrien's Story

EHF Fellow: Michelle Sharp of Kilmarnock Enterprises

From high-flying corporate career woman, to facilitator of meaningful employment and skills for life. Michelle's Story


EHF Fellows: Bex De Prospo & Peter Randrup of Anteater

Establishing insects as an environmentally sustainable protein alternative in NZ and worldwide. The Anteater Story


EHF Fellow: Geoff Sharples of Clean P2P

Enabling models for equitable clean energy access in New Zealand to scale globally. Geoff's Story


EHF Fellow: Cheryl Reynolds of 3Cs

Building on the success of 11 ventures to create change through strategic philanthropy and social enterprise. Cheryl's Story


EHF Fellow: Sacha MacDonald of Rezource

Matching skilled employees with opportunities in a rapidly changing global labour market. Sacha's Story



EHF Fellow: Sarah Grant of Limited Resource Teacher Training

Creating a global teacher movement for education equality. Sarah's Story

EHF Fellow: Brent Bushnell of Two Bit Circus

Using immersive entertainment to inspire the next generation of inventors. Brent's Story

EHF Fellow: Jack Herrick of wikiHow

In pursuit of a free practical education for every person on the planet.


EHF Fellow: Félix Pharand-Deschênes of Globaïa

Creating multimedia stories to transform our relationship with Earth. Félix's story


EHF Fellow: Dina Buchbinder Auron of Education for Sharing

Using the power of play to form more engaged global citizens. Dina's story


EHF Fellow: Camden Howitt of Sustainable Coastlines

Developing data-driven solutions and grassroots community action to clean up the world’s oceans. Camden's story.


EHF Fellow: Yu Liu (Eric)

Facilitating purpose-led business between different economies and cultures. Eric's story


EHF Fellow: Vicky Robertson of Ministry for the Environment

Leading change in New Zealand’s public sector to safeguard our natural environment. Vicky's story


EHF Fellow: Spencer Horne of Cloudline

Reshaping logistics to reach the bottom billion. Spencer's story


EHF Fellow: Chris Wake

Unlocking the power of data to make global impact. Chris's story


EHF Fellow: Tracy Chou of Project Include

Setting the standard for diversity and inclusion in the tech industry. Tracy's story


EHF Fellow: James Mansell of Data Commons

Orchestrating the re-imagination of the state sector. James's story

Surround your work and life with good people, as you will become the average of whom you surround yourself with.
— Jack Herrick, EHF Fellow, wikiHow

Edmund Hillary Fellowship

The Edmund Hillary Fellowship (EHF) brings together humankind’s creative potential and entrepreneurial spirit in Aotearoa New Zealand, to build innovative ventures for global impact. Our mission is to incubate solutions to global problems from New Zealand and make a lasting positive impact on the world.

Up to 50 international and 10 New Zealand-based Fellows are selected every six months to join the three-year programme, and become part of a diverse community of exceptional entrepreneurs and investors supported by a global network of mentors, ambassadors, partners and supporters.

International Fellows receive exclusive access to the Global Impact Visa, the world’s most entrepreneur-friendly visa, and the only one to be focused on impact. Kiwi Fellows receive advice, mentorship and a community to help them take their work global. All Fellows receive access to partner networks and individualised support to succeed in their ventures.

Read about our Fellows.

EHF has been developed in the spirit and memory of Sir Edmund Hillary. The Edmund Hillary Fellowship is wholly owned by the Hillary Institute of International Leadership.


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