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Participants (P-T)

Three passions:

1. Collaboration: I'm fascinated with the idea that one plus one can equal three... or eleven. Models of collaboration are very interesting to me.

2. Learning: I like learning so much, that I got interested in meta-learning, or learning how to learn. I think it's key to psychological and spiritual development.

3. Visionary Art: My wife and I collect the art of Michael Divine, Android Jones, Hans Walor, Dennis Konstantin, Susan Seddon Boulet, and others.

Josie Pagani

Josie Pagani is a progressive polemicist and commentator, interested in ideas, global politics, and economics for working people. She thinks progressive politics is successful when it’s relevant to everyday people. She argues the job of the progressive left is to do good, not make people feel good.

Every week you will find her analysing current events on New Zealand’s leading radio stations and TV or writing about her ideas for forward-looking, broad-based and principled politics.

In her working life Josie runs a boutique public affairs consultancy that helps organisations understand and manage political and social risks and opportunities. Josie was a candidate for parliament in 2011 and 2008. She has been a ministerial press secretary, and worked in the prime minister’s office. She has been a manager at the OECD in Paris, working on international aid and development, and she was a communications manager for New Zealand’s aid and development agency.

Three passions:

1. Massage & Bodywork. I am passionate about the body's ability to repair and heal itself, and believe that as a Licensed Massage Therapist, I am a vessel through which healing (in its many forms) may flow. I truly believe that healing comes from within oneself, and as a body worker I help to facilitate that body response through my touch.

2. I am passionate about the People and Places in my life. My children, Nalu 19, Noa 16. My husband, Phil. My immediate and extended family. My friends. My clients. I am passionate about the Islands of Hawaii of which I live on the Big Island of Hawaii. I have many ethnicities; however being born and raised in Hawaii, I feel the most connected to the land and the people of my Hawaiian ancestry.

3. I am passionate about the importance of living in the present moment, the Now. What this means to me is to look upon what you do and where you are as the main purpose of your life, and not simply a means to an end.

"It's not what you do, but how you do what you do."  -  Eckhart Tolle, Author and Spiritual Teacher, from his book "A New Earth"

Roberto Palomo

My name is Roberto Palomo and it is an honor and pleasure to partake in this amazing experience with the rest of the New Frontiers family. I am blessed to have a number of passions that have fueled my personal growth and evolution. While limiting the list to three is challenging, here are the ones that I have chosen:

1. I am passionate in aspects of sustainable design, particularly when it applies to footwear and fashion products. This also is connected to an interest in the field consumer behaviour and the importance of education related to conscious consumption.

2. I have a deep rooted passion in learning and sharing knowledge about integrated health, encompassing a balanced lifestyle of Mental, Physical, Emotional and Spiritual wellness.

3. I have passion for adventure and exploration of the natural world, being constantly surprised and in awe of the majesty of our Mother Earth and all her inhabitants and wonders.

I am happy to share and support others in the program. I am looking forward to arriving and participating.

Lauren Peate

Three passions:

1. I am passionate about supporting diverse startup founders - startups have the potential to solve global problems, but only if they represent the world's people. As a result, I've worked with startups from the US to New Zealand and with groups supporting minority and female founders.

2. I'm passionate about learning languages and using them to connect with people around the world.

3. I enjoy using business to enable others to pursue their passions; my background is in economics and business and that has allowed me to support organizations ranging from non-profits to corporations.

Mark is CEO of the Hilary Institute of International Leadership, an organisation that recognises, rewards and nurtures great mid-career leaders currently in play, who will provide answers to such challenges as climate change, poverty, disease, peace and justice.

Three passions:

1. Leadership that matters/inspires/enables

2. Global citizenship/liberation/responsibility

3. Creative culture/narrative/purpose-driven entrepreneurship

Three passions:

1. Fresh Corn Tortillas

2. Traditional Mexican cooking

3. Restoring balance to our planet with thoughtful food production methods

Three things that I am passionate about:

1. Growing organic produce (wine) and treating our land and water with deep respect

2. Being mindful

3. Contemporary art and argentine tango

Three passions:

1. New Zealand Environment

2. Green Neighbourhoods in urban areas (bump space)

3. Permaculture

In my role as a business advisor I'm passionate about helping entrepreneurial businesses achieve accelerated and sustainable growth as well investment that has a positive impact.

Carlos Riegelhaupt


Three passions: 

1. Music, as a language that carries a portion of our soul when we speak it.

2. Organic wholesome Food, as a way to nurture our bodies and the earth.

3. Awareness, that everything we do affects everything else that surround us.

I am happy to share my self, and the gifts i carry. For they don't belong to me, but to everything else around me.

Stefanie Rixecker


Three passions:

1. Education - formal, informal and entrepreneurial approaches to learning across all ages with a focus on making the world a better place.

2. Aotearoa - ensuring that Aoteroa New Zealand secures and nurtures a healthy, vibrant future in the face of climate and other volatilities.

3. Planet Blue Hope - a forum for activism, advocacy and community change dedicated to protecting our beautiful, precious planet, with a particular focus on our oceans.

Three Passions:

1. Spiritual Awakening

2. Deeply Inspired Creative Action

3. Conscious Community

Maja Apolonia Rodé cultivates conscious community and shares an inspiring array of creative expressions with one common purpose: to support the realization and flowering of our true nature. From ethereal chants to irreverent raps, sacred rituals to playful games, and meditative arts instruction to sound healing, Maja’s work invites us into the depths of our being where we can bring life to our true creative potentials -- individually and collectively. Maja holds a Ph.D. in Transpersonal Psychology and has worked closely with spiritual teacher Adyashanti for 15 years as the Creative Director of Open Gate Sangha. 

Three passions:

1. People: We all know how phenomenal people can be, and it is this potential awesomeness which excites me the most. I love working with people to initiate new solutions to improve their status quo, and have worked with various not for profits to do this, including in disaster relief, youth mentoring, and mental illness.

2. Business: My commercial background has made it all too clear that businesses can much more effectively help the world. I want to help businesses have a broader positive impact, and see so much potential for this worldwide. Currently working for Snowball Effect, I am part of a team who are disrupting the investment marketplace in NZ, and I am intrigued to see how this can provide a real benefit to more people both in NZ and abroad.

3. Happiness: It really is a magic thing. Contagious, powerful, and life changing. I'm passionate about making it as easy as possible for others to catch this bug.

Guy Royal (tribe is Ngati Raukawa) is a business leader and commercial lawyer. After 10 years overseas as a private equity lawyer working in diverse places like Hong Kong, Vietnam, Cote d’voire and the UK he returned to Aotearoa/NZ to marry his love Jen and have three children. Guy was a co-founder of Tuia Group a business advisory firm specialising in indigenous development. He is a director on a number of Boards including Kiwirail (NZ’s freight, passenger rail and interislander transport business) and Toitu Te Waonui Forestry Investment Fund. He is a keen tennis player and passionate about the Maori, the NZ economy and global opportunity for indigenous communities to produce rewarding prosperous economies that think differently about shareholder returns and the imperatives of business.

The most interesting project he has been involved with is advising the President of Bougainville and the Autonomous Government of Bougainville on their economic development programme following independence from Papua New Guinea.

Passions are:

1. Using science and data to get past ideology

2. Creating engaging and rewarding economies that consistently challenge and support communities

3. Inspiring today and the future through creatively interpreting our past for today's context

I'm passionate about sustainable design & renewable energy and how the two can work together. I get excited about traveling the world with my family, and becoming a student on how to leave less of a footprint. Ocean Conservation has always been important to me as I grew up swimming and surfing, and have a deep spiritual connection with water. All living things come from the sea, and I'm passionate about finding ways to look after it.

Three passions:

1. Playing with my kids

2. Eating tacos

3. Ping Pong 

Supporting young New Zealanders to unleash their potential to change the world. 

Happy to share experience developing and running youth development programmes; experiences around social entrepreneurship and enterprise, and anything else useful!

Lou Sanson


Lou is the Director-General of the Department of Conservation, and former CEO of Antarctica New Zealand. 

Prior to this Lou was Conservator for Southland Conservancy in charge of Fiordland National Park and Stewart Island. He also led the establishment of Rakiura National Park, the sub-Antarctic World Heritage Area and one of the world’s largest island eradication projects and helped establish a network of marine reserves in Fiordland and Stewart Island.

Lou is a keen outdoor person, he enjoys natural history, hiking, ski-touring, diving and photography.

Three passions:

1. Universal access and opportunities

2. Thought-controlled computing

3. Social enterprise

James Shaw

Green Party Co-leader James Shaw strongly believes that New Zealand can lead the world in transitioning to a high-value, clean-tech, post-carbon economy that works for everyone.

Prior to becoming a Member of Parliament, James had a successful career in management consulting, primarily in London, where he lived from 1998 to 2010. While there, he worked with large, multinational companies across Europe and around the world, developing their sustainable business practices.

James believes that, with vision and purpose, politicians can bring the large-scale, transformational change that is needed to build a truly inclusive economy, and a healthier planet. When he’s not living and breathing sustainable economics, James enjoys spending time in his local community, Aro Valley, with his wife Annabel.

Three passions:

1. Music

2. Photography

3. Generosity

The three things I am passionate about:

1. New Zealand - this is the best country, it's hard not to be passionate about what we have here.

2. Business - as this is the best country I want to help to see more NZ businesses start, be successful and potentially go global.

3. Young people - we have some amazing young people in New Zealand and if we help to nurture them, they will be the ones to help start and grow New Zealand businesses.

Three passions:

1. Exploring stories, through written content, video and slam poetry/spoken word, under my alter-ego Ali Jacs. I am a strong believer in the power of passionately spoken words and sharing our vulnerabilities, to break down barriers between people, find common humanity, and improve the world, one story at a time.

2. Gender equality, and helping people to understand all the subtle and often imperceptible ways in which gender roles, expectations and stereotypes are reinforced in our societies, from infancy through adulthood; and how we can consciously train ourselves to break these patterns.

3. Getting outdoors around NZ: tramping, trail running and mountain biking in the summer; skiing downhill at breakneck speeds in the winter. 

Chris Simcock

Three passions:

1. Impact investing

2. Improving educational opportunities and standards

3. Reducing global poverty

Natalie Sisson is No #1 bestselling author, podcaster, speaker and adventurer who believes everybody has the right to choose freedom in business and adventure in life. She’s on a mission to ensure 1,000,000+ entrepreneurs do just that by 2020 over at the SuitcaseEntrepreneur.com

Born in New Zealand, Natalie’s built her multiple six figure business from her laptop over the last 6 years while living out of her suitcase, traveling to 69 countries and showing others how to build a profitable online freedom business that supports their ideal lifestyle through her definitive Freedom Plan program and Right2Freedom initiative.

Bonnie Slater manages the NZFC’s support for professional development, which includes training/professional development opportunities for New Zealand filmmakers locally and overseas. She also oversees the NZFC’s relationships with industry guilds and organisations. Bonnie has more than 10 years’ experience in the screen production industry. During this time she has developed several feature projects, worked in television and produced three Wellington 48HOURS-winning films and numerous other short films.

Bonnie is passionate about all things screen and is keen to explore new platforms, distribution and gaming models for future generations. As a Mum, she is particularly keen to explore the new technologies and platforms for family content and better understand the user experience and the future of content creation.

Three passions:

1. Funding and communicating large scale environmental initiatives via consumer products.

2. Low energy & prefabricated building systems to create energy independence and reduce energy poverty

3. New media and digital communication tools

As Director of Community and Social Innovation at Auckland Council I lead a team of social intrapreneurs working to enable positive social and economic change in South Auckland

Design for social impact with the people most affected at the centre and co-designing and leading solutions
Building personal, organisational and community capability to embrace creativity and complexity and enable positive change and transformation
community based economic development

Simon Swallow

Three passions:

1. My family

2. New Zealand companies solving big problems

3. Education

Robert Tate

Robert Tate is the Country Public Affairs Officer at the Embassy of the United States in New Zealand, arriving in August 2014. Before that, he served as the Consul of the United States for Western France in Rennes, where he had the great honor of working on President Obama’s participation at the 70th anniversary of D-Day in Normandy.

Robert Tate joined the State Department in 2003. First assigned to Osaka, Japan as vice-consul, where he had the pleasure of serving as an official American representative at the World Expo in Aichi, he later served in Bucharest, Romania from 2006 to 2008. In Romania, he worked to promote green technology and helped establish the first internship program for university students in Romania. Mr. Tate was the press attaché, cultural attaché, and spokesperson at the U.S. Embassy in Niamey, Niger, from 2009 to 2011, during a Nigerien military coup d´état and national elections that restored democracy. Mr. Tate was decorated by the newly elected democratic government of Niger and the National Press House for his work to help restore democracy and support free and professional media.

He has been awarded the Meritorious Honor Award by the State Department eight times during his career. He speaks French, Japanese and some German and Romanian. A native of Seattle, Washington, Mr. Tate studied at the Evergreen State College (Olympia, WA) and at the University of Miyazaki as a recipient of the Japanese Government’s Monbusho scholarship. Before joining the State Department, he worked in Seattle for an export company and traveled extensively to attend trade shows in Paris, New York, Las Vegas, and Japan.

Robert is married to Ellen Tepper and has two young children. Mr. Tate and Ms. Tepper backpacked around the world for nearly two years, visiting 38 countries, including New Zealand. In his free time, he enjoys playing guitar and the outdoors.

Three passions: Family, music, outdoors.

As Director of Business Development Services at Upper Hutt City Council, the three areas that I am most passionate about are:

1. Encouraging and promoting sustainable business - in particular within Upper Hutt.

2. Improved water quality - ensuring that my children can continue to swim in our local rivers, as I did when I was a child.

3. Community participation, and incorporating local knowledge into decision making.

Matiu Te Huki

Matiu has a background in traditional Māori performing arts, theatre and fronting great bands with his powerful yet smooth, unique voice. He has performed with the likes of Fat Freddies drop, Rhombus, Pitch Black, Tiki Taane, Anika Moa and many more of New Zealand's top artists.

Matiu "The Hook" Te Huki is known for his amazing vocal skills and energy, his ability to powerfully connect with, hold and lift a crowd whilst either fronting a band, or as a solo artist. Matiu intuitively nurtures a deep connection with his audience creating the energy that opens portals of paradise.

As a singer songwriter, the soul stirring messages in Matiu's music are positive, inspiring and unifying. His music has a strong Maori flavour using haka, chants and traditional Maori instruments.

The music itself is soulful roots with grabbing grooves, deep dub with beautiful bass, funk and a bit of hip hop. His performing name "The Hook" relates to his ingeniously created melody hooks and crafted bass lines that stick with you long after the song finishes

Kia Ora, Ni Hao - My name is Nikita 雅涵 Tu-Bryant, I am a Taiwanese New Zealander, based in a beautiful place called Wellington, New Zealand.
I identify myself as being a storyteller; before musician, actor, writer, or visual artist.

My intention is to forever refine my art, to communicate human expression. I believe honest communication is the beginning to feeling connection and relating to the World around us.

Feeling connected on a real, true level is the most important thing to me.

Refining is forever so let's enjoy the journey.