New Frontiers is a mix of workshops, emergent conversations, inspiring speakers and nourishing activities, all within an intimate gathering aligned with our mission of supporting New Zealand as an “Incubation Nation”, from which to develop, grow and launch integrated solutions to global challenges. This summit’s theme is “Economic Transformation”. (see more details below).

You’re not asking, how can I take the most? You’re asking, what is the best way that I can enrich, heal and regenerate the world around me?
— Charles Eisenstein, Author

Speakers & Facilitators

Your creativity and your creative being is a child... it’s drawing on the walls before you learned that wasn’t the ‘right’ thing to do.
— David Block, The Human Experience

Programme Theme: Economic Transformation

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has set forth a bold and ambitious vision for Aotearoa New Zealand to develop a Well-Being Economy, based on a Living Standards framework with recognition for intergenerational capital. This offers an opportunity to move beyond a business-as-usual focus on GDP, into a more holistic approach for positive social, economic, cultural, and environmental outcomes.

The New Frontiers summit on Nov 4-6 2018 will dive deeper into these areas, exploring questions like:

  • What does an emphasis on well-being and living standards mean for the innovation ecosystem, including for EHF Fellows as they seek to build impactful ventures and social enterprises?

  • How can we better serve the rangatahi and youth - including across educational training, job placement, and civic participation - and realize Aotearoa New Zealand’s vision as the “world’s best place to be a child”?

  • What are the best practices for inclusive economic development that empowers women and ensures fair governance and ownership?

  • What role can emerging technologies such as blockchain and Web3 play in transforming vital business processes like funding, procurement, and governance? How can Aotearoa New Zealand best engage with these rapidly-growing trends?

  • How can New Zealand improve the performance of its startup lifecycle, including increasing early-stage capital investment, encouraging employee-owned businesses, and ensuring that “exit” incentives are aligned to the country’s overall interests?

  • How can we effectively contribute towards Māori economic development in partnership with iwi, ensuring foreign investment and global talent reach regions and local communities?

  • What actions can New Zealand take to best prepare for the future of work, advances in artificial intelligence, robots and automation, and other exponential technologies?

  • What are the new frontiers and global trends around commons-based approaches, universal basic income and assets, post-growth and circular economy innovation, and mechanisms for encouraging cooperation over competition?

  • How can entrepreneurs ensure their ventures represent intrinsic rather than “compensatory” good, with business model incentives aligned and accountable to their purpose and values?

  • And more…

The New Frontiers summit is co-created by its participants, and invites open and meaningful dialogues as we explore the edges of economic change for the benefit all of New Zealanders and global citizens.

For me, the secret is to work from New Zealand, with the world.
— Sandra Chemin, EHF Ambassador

Relax, Unwind and Play

At New Frontiers, you will have many opportunities to relax, unwind, and enjoy time away from your day-to-day life to connect with yourself, and with old and new friends. Many co-creators find this summit profoundly rejuvenating. As well as the programmed arts music and culture there will be a chance to propose active, wellness, or arts focused activities during the afternoon open-space sessions. 

  • Live Performance

  • Storytelling

  • Sustainability Education

  • Traditional Māori Culture & Art

  • Massage & Body Work

  • Yoga

  • Music

  • Board Games

  • Spoken Word Poetry


Shared Meals

Throughout New Frontiers, our master chef and her talented team will be keeping you well fed with three meals a day of amazing cuisine! We will serve mostly a plant-based menu using locally-sourced fresh foods, from organic wholesale suppliers.