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Please note, some festival spaces require use of stairs.
Meals will be provided between 12th-28th February.
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There will be ride-shares and bikes available in the valley during the event.
There are lots of interesting festivals and events during summer. We recommend taking time to explore!
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We have a few minor terms and conditions regarding liability, and the use of video and photographic content captured at New Frontiers. Please check it out. We've done our best to keep it short and sweet.
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Please see what it costs us to put on New Frontiers. All meals, on-the-ground transportation and accommodation will be provided. We gratefully welcome your donations to sustain New Frontiers. To contribute financially, click here. If money is a barrier, here are some other ways we invite you to assist. Please tick the areas where you can help:
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New Frontiers participants are highly curated, and like to know who's coming in advance, and how to get in touch with participants after the event. What can we share?
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