Valley Spaces



Woodcote Homestead and grounds is the hub of our Festival, where most of the action will happen. The event dome, glamping yurts, dining marquee and firepit are all located on the grounds. Please feel free to explore, swim in the river, and make yourself at home around the grounds.


Event Dome

Located at Woodcote, the dome will be our primary space for presentations, panel discussions, breakout sessions, performances and evening celebrations. The dome is a pre-loved structure with an action-packed history. Originally used as part of the emergency response after the Christchurch earthquake in February 2011, it was later that year used as a base for fans during the 2011 Rugby World Cup.



Standing watch at the bottom of the valley, the Wallaceville Church dates back to 1893. These days the church is a multi-denominational community centre where you can go to reflect, meditate, pray, or just get some quiet time. We may also use the church as a breakout session space during the festival. During the year, the church is mostly used for weddings and special events.


Crossfit Gym

A long held vision of “Uncle Joe” Stumpf, the crossfit gym came to life in late 2014. The fully kitted out barn receives early morning visits from those valley-dwellers who are serious about their fitness game.


Health & Wellness Centre

With beautiful bamboo floors and large windows that let in plenty of light, the studio at Hotel Cali (5 minutes walk from Woodcote) is a perfect sanctuary to nourish your mind, body and soul. Yoga classes will be led by an array of teachers throughout New Frontiers, and the space will also be used for bodywork sessions.


The Firepit

Our giant fire pit at Woodcote is a central point where we can gather in the evenings to keep warm, tell stories, play music and hang out in a beautiful sunken garden.


The Forest

The forest is a great place to unwind, get some exercise and immerse yourself in nature. Most of the forest cover is in native bush, with some stands of radiata pine. For fantastic views of the valley, there is a steep Vista Hike trail that can be accessed via 227F Whitemans Valley Road, next to the Roysters. There will be group trips to other forest hikes organized during the Festival.


Mangaroa River

The Mangaroa river flows around Woodcote and brings lots of life to the valley. While most parts of the river is too shallow to swim in, there is access to a swimming hole on the far north west side of Woodcote grounds. Follow the walking path through the blackberry bush to get there. You might find yourself in the company of harmless eels in the river.